The Firm

/ Overview of Our Firm

Alvin John & Partners was established on the 16th of October 2006. We are a fast growing boutique firm located in the heart of Selangor and a short distance away from the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur.

Our office is designed with utmost prevision to be a legal solution hub for our respective clients. With business-friendly environment and tranquil atmosphere, we ensure solace and comfort to our clients  while we accommodate solutions to their legal problems.

At Alvin John & Partners, we are known for our expertise in specific areas of law, ranging from corporate law to construction law, general litigations and conveyancing. Our clientele portfolio comprises of vast backgrounds, from individuals, multimillion corporations, multinational organization to government agencies.

The firm has been the principal advisers in respect of infrastructure projects of national interet, new and innovative capital market instruments and financial products.


Practice Areas

Together with the Partners and other associates in the firm, Alvin John & Partners has the background and expertise to provide the full range of services as advocates and solicitors.

  • General Corporate and Commercial
  • Corporate Reoganisation & Debt Restructuring
  • Corporate Banking & Capital Markets
  • Construction & Energy
  • Communications, Information Technology & Intellectual Property
  • Privatisation
  • Conveyancing & Property Development
  • Private Debt Securitisation
  • Initial Public Offerings and Floatations
  • Asset Backed Securitisation
  • Corporate and Civil Litigation, Defamation, Labour and Employment Law, Familiy Law
  • Arbitration and Administrative Law
  • Islamic Banking and Capital Markets

To learn more about us, our full company profile is available for download here.